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Mary Kay is known for cutting-edge beauty innovations, entrepreneurship opportunities and female empowerment across the world. However, Mary Kay Ash’s pink road to success wasn’t always so rosy. When Ash founded her namesake company, Mary Kay Cosmetics, in 1963, it was in response to years of seeing the men she trained receive promotions over her. In fact, on more than one occasion, after taking a male recruit on the road with her for six months, she returned with him to Texas only to see him promoted above her at twice her salary. Frustrated and disheartened, Mary Kay Ash set out to create a company where “thinking like a woman” was an asset, not an insult. Figarti Miniatures Desperate Fight WWII USMC vs Japanse SNLP WIA-017

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Editor’s Note: This year our Half Price Books calendar once again features books, movies and music grouped together in weird, unexpected ways. You might even call them Totally Random Lists, which is what we did because, well, we had to put something on the front cover. We like the lists so much, we’ll be sharing them on this blog throughout the year.

 It’s pretty simple. When you write a book or make a movie about a person, often the best title is just the name of the person. And sometimes the first name is enough, which sort of makes these books, movies and albums feel like good friends. Friends who live on your shelves.

Brace yourself. We’re going to say it.

The end of summer is upon us.

As the fall semester makes its swift approach, and college tours come to an end, it’s high time that you start thinking about books. Not that we ever stop thinking about books around here, but if you’ll be taking in the aroma of fresh-cut college grass soon, we want you to be prepared. Whether you’re attending a liberal arts university or law school, one thing is certain: you’re going to need books…and if you’re an honest college student, you have no problem admitting that you’re procrastinating and have yet to purchase any.

Half Price Books has your back. We’ve got the perfect reads to keep you awake on the road to college and the required reading to keep you at the head of the class once you get there! 1966 Maserati Sebring 2 Red Metallic by BoS Models LE of 1000 1 18 Scale. Rare

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We are thrilled to introduce our August/September 2019 HPB Book Club Selection, BBG115 Hauptmann Stossel by King and Country by Katherine Center. This book addresses the struggles of Cassie Hanwell, a woman born for emergencies who uproots her life to move from Texas to Boston, where she struggles to find her place as one of the only female firefighters in the state. This heartfelt, stirring novel touches on two of the most important things in life— love and the meaning of courage. In this installment of our GAMA 2120 OPEL SENATOR - METALLIC 1 24 - EXCELLENT CONDITION IN DEALER BOX blog series, Katherine Center gives us insight into her inspiration and decision to tell Cassie’s story. Read on to discover more!

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Let’s face it. College can be tough. Those four years—or more—teach us just as many lessons about survival as they do about our major, and whether it’s late nights at the library or being down to that last pack of ramen, we all come out a little stronger in the end. In the spirit of reminiscing about our days in the dorms, we’ve taken to Facebook to ask about some of your favorite college memories. Check out our favorite responses below!

  • “Don’t sign up for that credit card just to get a free t-shirt.” — Eric B.
  • Wiking MAN Bus CARTE SD 200 BVG Berlin DD Ligne 141 Baden Mariage Nouilles, “You’re going to want to quit a few times. Don’t!” — Anita C. 
  • “Get involved in the clubs for your major/minor. Go to office hours, even if you don’t have a horrible problem. Build a relationship with your professors – you’re going to know them for four or more years and they are generally good people. Plus, they can be super helpful professionally.” — Ken O.
  • “Go to tutor sessions.” — Christopher D. 
  • “You need to do some cardio in the summer beforehand. I was dying walking across campus in the 15 mins I had.” — Myshell R.
  • “Stop trying to make Mom happy. It wont happen.” — Michelle S.
  • “Beware of the freshman 15! Those pounds are a real thing and hard to get rid of!” — Janet K.
  • “Branch out and meet more people in the dorm.” — Shalei B.
  • “You’re going to go through some hard time, but you’ll come through stronger and braver.” — Cassandra S.
  • “Take an intramural sport that you wouldn’t have done otherwise. I had a lot of fun doing sports I wanted to try in high school but just never felt good enough to do.” — Alanna L.

Booklover’s Day: Get Some Ink

I love the smell of fresh printer’s ink (so it’s a good thing I work in a bookstore), but this year I have noticed another sort of ink that’s soaking up a lot of literary flavor: tattoo ink. So, I got to wondering what sort of tattoos my favorite literary characters would get if they so desired. GREENLIGHT GREEN86312 AIRSTREAM EXCELLA TURBO 280 1981 1 43 MODEL DIE CAST

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Editor’s Note: Lisa-Jo Baker’s newest book, The Middle Matters: Why That (Extra)Ordinary Life Looks Really Good on You invites us to get a good look at our middles and gives us permission to embrace them — because Lisa-Jo knows that the middle might be the best part of the love story of life, kids, faith, doubt, marriage, failure, wonder and the muffin top—and that these are all good things. Read on to get a glimpse Behind the Book with Lisa-Jo Baker.

I like to think of my latest book, The Middle Matters: Why That (Extra)Ordinary Life Looks Really Good On You, as a love letter to ordinary life.

Because if we’re not careful, I think midlife will actually run right over us. Like a runaway hamster wheel. There’s so much carpool and extracurriculars and work and before we know it we will have missed the chance to relish the very stories that will line our empty nests one day.

Between meeting thousands of women at speaking events and hearing from podcast listeners, I’ve learned that we all keep waiting to feel like grown-ups while going through all the grown-up motions. It’s weird to have all the responsibilities of a grown-up and look like a grown-up and have a grown-up job and a grown-up mortgage and still not be sure how or when to change the air filters.

It’s a shock to most of us to find ourselves here at the midpoint of our lives and still be figuring so much of it out. Normal feels all stretched out and squidgy around the edges when you’re splitting time and to-dos, and yet it’s the stuff of life and marriage and kids and work that everyone lives. The intimidation of financial planning and the reality of retirement as more than just that infomercial you used to fast forward through but also something you will actually need in the no-longer distant future.

And the just-as-crucial fighting for time to keep dating the man you’re raising kids with so you feel like a couple and not just a couple of people running a summer camp together. Turns out we’re all trying to make sense of this season we’re in. And it helps to talk about it. How exhausting it is to constantly feel pressured to seize every minute of every day. How lots of days just feel like figuring out new ways to make chicken.

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There’s nothing like calling all your girlfriends and spending the day shopping, getting pampered at the spa and then closing down a restaurant just gabbing, unless it’s getting together at your house for wine snacks and a good movie. Now, I don’t normally need an excuse to get together with my friends, but knowing that August 1 is Girlfriends’ Day is an awfully good excuse to have some fun with the girls. So whether it’s your book club ladies, your crazy college sisters or just your BFF, Half Price Books has books, movies and music to help you celebrate with the girls.

Books to share with the girls:
1941 Willys Gasser - ACME Stone Woods & Cook dragster - 1 18 MIB 1 1350, by Mary McCarthy
Swing Time, by Zadie Smith
Ertl Toys R Us Special Edition Series Set 1 43 2587 2577G Woody Cadillac Bel Air, by Terry McMillan
Spark 18LM59 Aston Martin DBR1 Minimax Le Mans 1 18 NEU OVP 1602-18-85, by Fannie Flagg
LOOKSMART LSLM018 FERRARI 250 LM N.27 6th 1965 D.BOLLER SPOERRY.-A. 1 43 MODEL, by Rainbow Rowell
Divine Serets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, by Rebecca Wells
How Should a Person Be, by Sheila Heti

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Vizier Country & King by The AE057 dkjkd88f73555-1970-Now

Inspired by historical events and a follow-up to the bestselling Calling Me Home, Home for Erring and Outcast Girls follows the deep friendship between two women at an early 20th-century rehabilitation home for cast-out single mothers and the reclusive librarian who discovers their story a century later. Read on to discover author Julie Kibler’s recommendations, inspirations and influences as we go Behind the Book. Continue reading

Editor’s Note: This year our Half Price Books calendar once again features books, movies and music grouped together in weird, unexpected ways. You might even call them Totally Random Lists, which is what we did because, well, we had to put something on the front cover. We like the lists so much, we’ll be sharing them on this blog throughout the year.

When you’re born with an identical partner in crime, there’s plenty of drama and comedy ahead. But the truth is two are often better than one—for double the fun or double the trouble. Check out our list of twin-centric titles, including albums by bands with twins in their lineups. PREMIUMX PRD238 FORD DEL REY OURO 1982 DARK GREY 1 43 MODÈLE DIE CAST MODEL